Spinal SBRT Treatment

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) has proven itself in the University setting and is now moving full speed into the community hospital and free standing centers. It has become apparent that with the right team effort a successful SBRT program can become easily implemented. Two key issues have been identified that hinder the success of implementing a SBRT program. The first issue is training and this includes training on both the linac and the SBRT immobilization device, and the second is thorough and complete documentation of the process. The traditional Lung, Liver, and Spine protocols have been well established and research in other areas such as prostate are ongoing. As outlined in the article, the benefit of hypo-fractionated treatment is very relevant to the patient’s quality of life during the treatment process.

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Bionix Radiation Therapy Introduces Embrace®

Bionix Radiation Therapy introduces Embrace; A Premium Thermoplastic
Material Made in the USA.

Toledo, OH; June 6, 2013-Embrace Thermoplastic is a premium low-melt material used to create customizable immobilization for patients receiving radiation therapy treatments of the head and neck. Embrace Thermoplastic products include Standard U-Frames, Versaboard frames, S-Type frames, and Thermoplastic sheets. All Embrace Thermoplastic products are made in the USA.

Embrace Thermoplastic features minimal tackiness and shrinkage, and encompasses an even hole distribution pattern after molding which helps increase overall rigidity. Embrace provides a smooth comfort edge which ensures maximum patient comfort along the neck line.

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